Review of Date #11

I really have almost nothing to say about Date #11.

He was nice? He was tall? He had a good smile.

Another programmer. He has a family? Friends? He reads books? I think he eats things sometimes, although he was very skinny, so perhaps not.

He told me that glacial climbing is just walking on ice. While this is probably true and I like the humility inherent in this statement, it also stopped a perfectly good conversation in its tracks.

Me: But, like, with clamps and spikes, right?

Him: Yes. Well, sometimes.

We got coffee and watched people flying kites in the park. Two were flying so high they held steady, their tails unfurled, drifting this way and that. Taking care of themselves. Their pilot sat on the ground, relaxed. Two went up, and went down. They popped up into the sky and dropped as quickly. They held, and their pilots turned away, and they dove like they wanted to kiss the ground.

Grade: You guys, I’m supposed to be writing a date review and I’m talking about kites.