Periods are having a cultural moment and I couldn’t be happier

You know how farmer’s markets are really hot right now? So are periods. And I just couldn’t be happier.

The proof is in the Internet pudding.

I made a joke awhile back about waiting to talk about your period until the 5th date. I didn’t mean it. I think I meant to say don’t wait longer than your 5th date. Bring it up early and often! Be all, “We can’t have sex on this, our first date…not because it’s our first date—rules are dumb and bodies are great, let’s bang them together whenever it feels right and safe to both of us, which might be now or later—but because I have my period and while I love having sex on my period and we will definitely explore that in the future, I’d like to not get blood all over the condom the first time.”

Or be like, “Things are going to get messy. Wear a snorkel.”

Because PERIODS!

If you read one article from this round-up, please let it be this one.
“…as a broader strategy, the notion that educating women in the grotesqueries of termination will be a game-changer is absurd. As [Planned Parenthood president Cecile] Richards could tell [anti-abortion crusader David] Daleiden if he asked her his question, women already know what abortion is. We know more about blood, innards, fetuses, and the babies they may become — in short, about life in reproductive bodies — than anti-abortion activists seem to understand. The average age of menarche in the United States is 12; the average age of menopause, 51. During the intervening decades, most women bleed regularly, and if you think we emit that chlorinated blue water in the maxi-pad ads, you are incorrect. I was in high school the first time a friend joked about a “period chunk.” I was also in high school when I first heard that an acquaintance had had a grapefruit-size dermoid cyst removed from an ovary; as is not uncommon with those cysts, it contained teeth, hair, and skin. The act of controlling or preventing pregnancy for a heterosexually active woman is filled with corporeal maneuvering.”
The Cut: The Big Secret of Abortion: Women Already Know How It Works

Or maybe this one. Oh, whatever, they’re all good, because they’re all about periods!
“At the end of the day, I’m having my period in outer space, and that’s pretty damn cool. –Lynnette Myers, Fake Astronaut”
The Toast: Inspiring Quotes About Periods From History’s Boldest Made-Up Women

This one is complete with gifs, just the way you like it.
“Not my good underwear! Another loyal soldier, fallen in vain.”
Bustle: 14 Bizarre Thoughts Every Women Has During Her Period But Never Says

“When Kiran Gandhi realised she was going to be on her period on the day of her first-ever marathon, she decided to do something unexpected – she ran the entire race free-bleeding.”
Buzzfeed: A Woman Ran A Marathon Without A Tampon To Take A Stand Against Period-Shaming

The incomparable Ann Friedman on whether women should, in fact, take sick leave for their periods. My answer: yes. Men: you try bleeding between your legs for a week of the month and see how you feel!
“The truth could be the opposite of what popular culture has long told us: It’s not that women are overly sensitive when they’re on their period. It’s that we feel restricted from expressing our real emotions when we aren’t. Wrap your head around that one.”
The Pool: Let’s Do This. Let’s Talk About Periods. 

I can confirm that these fears are equal.
“What is our personal nightmare? 25% Getting attacked by shark because we are leaking period blood in the water. 25% getting period blood on the passenger seat of crush’s car.”
The Hairpin: The Insecurity Pie chart

And the follow-up to the pie chart. What can I say, Ann Friedman was really on a flow.
“In response to this week’s period-blood pie chart , women have shared many fine anecdotes about menstruating all over the fucking place.”

Becoming a period cheerleader was a conscious decision for me. Because #feminismisnm
“Becoming the vagina’s #1 cheerleader wasn’t a conscious decision. One second I was sitting on the toilet as my two daughters wrestled each other on the bath mat, and then, suddenly, I had two wide-eyed toddlers staring at me as I held a bloody tampon in my hand.”
Refinery29: Why I change my tampon in front of my children

Do you guys remember high school? Do you? Because this is not a small thing for a high schooler to be doing. 
“Garcia, who is in the 10th grade, told BuzzFeed News he had noticed a troubling trend. He said most of his male friends treat menstruation as if it’s “repulsive,” and a lot of his female friends get embarrassed or feel bad about having their period. Garcia said he was bothered by that attitude. “I actually had started carrying tampons and pads in my bag because my girl friends often had to improvise with amusing (but not-so-sanitary) ways to stop themselves from leaking,” he said.
Buzzfeed: This 15-Year-Old Boy Brings Tampons And Pads To Class To Help Out His Female Friends

And finally….close it out, boys (they don’t get it completely right but they’re talking about PERIODS! so)