A few really necessary and heartfelt thanks regarding this new site before we move on:

  • Taylor, who has been unendingly patient with my inability to articulate what something should look like before I see it, and who was able to “see” this whole thing long before I could– and who told me it was more than ok if I’m “just a writer” and not also a web designer/illustrator/cartoon artist/magician/cat-lover. And bless him for actually liking the endless bullet-pointed lists I sent him.
  • My family, especially my sister, who has long been my editor and soundboard for this blog. But also my parents, who believe in my writing, and who think this blog is a worthy use of my time as they continue to let me live with them while I write and freelance and look for jobs and work on a blog that doesn’t pay me anything.
  • Ashleigh, who has always been a Dear Mr. Postman fan and who pushed me to make the old site better, and cheered for me when I finally started in on this project.
  • Lissa, who in less than an hour, completely solved my color scheme problem– she sent me these 9 colors and I felt like I finally knew what this blog could look like and how perfectly it could hit that elusive mix of bright, bold, and clean that I am always scrambling after in all areas of my life.
  • Rebecca, who took that picture of me at the bottom of the blog, in which I look happy and loud, which seems very appropriate.
  • Markus, who introduced me to Taylor and who for 3 years I didn’t know even read this blog but it’s so great that he does.
  • Oh wow, you guys, I sound super sappy today.
  • But also thanks to you– I know I’ve been sort of absent, and not posting regularly, and many of you have stuck around anyway. And a pre-emptive thanks for your patience as things get settled around here, and you adapt to this rather huge change. And an optimistic thanks for maybe sharing and spreading the word about the new site?

You’re beautiful and you have shiny hair.