My Tinder profile:

Just trying to date one lumberjack before I die.

My pictures:
Me flowers in my hair for my sister’s wedding. Me talking a mile a minute at a friend. Me petting a cow. Me eating a hamburger. Me writing in a notebook in a courtyard.

Day 1

Him: Evening. Do you often sketch while in palazzos?

Him: Brings me back

[Me: Ugh. Not answering this.]

Day 9
Him: I design with lumber…does that count?

[Me: Watching the Veronica Mars movie for the 2nd time.]

Day 11
Him: Not sure if mentioned that am also a male hand model

[Me: Whatever….]

Day 25
Me: Wait. What??

Him: My career as a professional hand model? Indeed…I hand double in action movies.

Me: Just your hand. Does your hand fight or just stand in, tapping a table, when other hands are tired?

Him: Totally. Yes to all of those questions. So what do youdo?

Me: I’m a writer. Sometimes my words pretend to be said by other people, which is the hand stunt double of the writing world.

Him: That’s interesting because my hands do decide to be other hand sometimes but mainly aptly borrow to make their own moves. You stunning linguists also lend a hand to these actions scripts we follow.

Day 26
Me: You from around here?

Him: Indeed I am. How are you? PacNW Native?

Me: Yep. Local through and through.

Day 27
Him: Ah so also your aware that the rain stops

Him: And that the dream of a meeting a lumberjack didn’t happen overnight

Him: Classic plad not fad plad

Me: Seattle’s still a logging town at heart

Him: People forgot. We’re woodsman and woodswomen here. We have water and trees so we can use them.

Him: Back when if we had beards, we never even spoke about it. Ever.

Day 28
Him: Do the characters in the writing speak about your lumberjack dream?