Dear Veterans,

Thank you so much for serving our country.  You are not nearly as honored and valued as you ought to be.

So it’s really nice to see so many people appreciating you today via Facebook status update and elsewhere on the internet.  Where, you know, I’m sure most vets (especially the homeless ones, those who served in Vietnam and WWII, and those still in permanent long-term care) spend a lot of their time watching YouTube videos of cats.

Like me.  Look at me appreciating the hell out of you with this blog post.  Can you feel the internet love?  Like a big fuzzy tunnel wrapped around you with Al Gore’s face at the end of it.

Thank you.  Thank you for your bravery and sacrifices and time away from home.  Thank you for serving for the rest of us.  May we learn to take better care of your willingness to serve and of your minds and bodies when you return from war.  May we learn how to not fight in needless wars and to consider people everywhere as too precious and valuable to send towards or inflict violence upon in any form.  The young are always better used and better served as leaders, innovators, teachers, health care workers, and artists than they are as weapons or sacrifices.

May this be a day of peace in honor of soldiers.