The following is by a guest contributor:

Dear Economic Downturn,

Everyone deserves a chance to shine. Fair enough. But did you really have to pick such an inconvenient time to make your debut?

I mean, geezus. What’s an overeducated, white liberal 20something to do? Right when I get up the courage to venture outside the gilded towers of academe, you have to step in and hog the spotlight. Now, instead of showering me with unsolicited job offers, everyone is moaning and groaning about YOU. I thought the world revolved around me…?!

I’m willing to concede that you have as much a right to exist as I do, but geez. Next time can you send out a little memo that says, “Okay kids, pick up some marketable skills!” or “You might have to suck it up and apply for a job for which you are (gasp) overqualified?” or “Shut up and start making my latte?”

Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame and please– don’t overstay your welcome.


Disgruntled in Seattle