My stuff gets picked up in exactly a week (in some sort of giant crate-box), so I should definitely not go shopping today.

But how much room can a tank top or two take up? Maybe they’re even needed for soft packing. It’s basically altruism. 

And when I’m moving in a week, it’s not like I’m all of a sudden going to get real ambitious about how clean my stove is. Or try to make new friends. In other words, idle hands…

Oh. Did I mention that I’m done with graduate school? I’m FREE. Like the wind, or other things that we attempt to make work for us without pay because they have almost no monetary-valued skills. 

I’m a master of poetry. It’s like being a wizard except people give you even stranger looks when you tell them that you have a masters degree in writing poems than if you tell them you have magic powers. And you don’t have magic powers. And not even the supernerds are sure if you’re cool or lame. But other than that. The same.


PS– Don’t worry, I’ll still be here post-graduation. I started this blog before entering graduate school, if you didn’t know, and I’ll continue it after.